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Well you might have gone though our home page where we have clearly stated our objective. However we believe its better to tell more about us so as to build your trust with us. In fact we believe that you especially you can become the one which may lift the entrepreneur of the year award one day provided you receive the right push and support during the times of need. Needless to say let us say more about ourselves

About Us:-

We are a team of successful technocrats and engineers which have come from various field of life starting from power, agro based industries, IT, computer sciences and much more and we realized the potential of our country to develop great entrepreneurs like China and America has and also compete with global leaders.

Our team comprises of people from

1>Engineering- Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer Sciences

2> Finance and accounting

3> Industrial experts

It may be small but enough to realize your potential and turning your idea to reality 

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